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Follow Friday is a weekly meme hosted Parajunkee and Alison Can Read. The idea is to introduce yourself to new blogger friends and followers.

So this weeks question is:

Tell us about a book character you’d trade places with.


If I could trade places with one character it would be Lt. Eve Dallas! Her childhood was ugly and brutal, but there is no doubt that Lt. It’s 2060 and Eve Dallas is top cop in New York City and has earned the love of respect of the entire NYPSD as well as her partner, Det. Delia Peabody, and former partner and trainer Capt. Ryan Feeney.

And you know most of us would suffer just about anything to be married to Roarke – “created by the Gods on their best day” gorgeous, uber-rich and a big softie for our tough cop. An internet search showed that most people posting agree with me that Hugh Jackman is the man to play Roarke. Yeah baby!

Hugh as Roarke


About Lucy Dosch

I am working mother of two beautiful girls with an obsession for reading. I now carry my Nook everywhere I go and I am ready to read at any given time, whether waiting in line at car pick up, waiting for dinner to cook, or once the kids are finally settled for the night.

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  1. Haven’t read that book. But I do love books where the main character is a cop! Great pick! Happy Friday!
    New Bloglovin follower.
    Brittney @ Reviews from a Dreamer

  2. That’s a great pick! I never thought of that one before. I’ve only read the first few books though, but one day I plan to read more of that series. 🙂

    New follower via bloglovin

    My F&F
    Whitney@Shooting Stars Reviews

  3. Hi, I’m a new Bloglovin’ follower. I’ve never read that book but Eve sounds like a cool character.

    My FF

  4. Thanks for stopping by my feature. Followed back! xoxox Britt @ Please Feed the Bookworm

  5. Haven’t read this one! But sounds like someone who would be cool to trade places with! Awesome skills as a cop that earns the respect of others, and a gorgeous, loving husband? What’s not to love!

    New follower!

    Jessica @ Ramblings on Readings

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