Top 10 Books Coming This Fall

Top 10 Fall books

Today is officially the first day of Autumn so what better time to talk about the books I am looking forward to reading this Fall. Let us know what upcoming books you are looking forward to reading. You can click the pictures for more information or to order a copy.

Contemporary/New Adult:

Echoes Release Date: October 7th

Echoes of Scotland Street by Samantha Young is Cole Walker’s story. Cole is the younger brother to Jo Walker who we first met in Down London Road and BFF to the now grown up Hannah as we see in her last novel Fall From India Place. Cole was an impressive character and I am looking forward to his HEA.

maybe christmas Release Date: October 28th

This story follows the O’Neill family and their delightful family run Vermont resort of Snow Crystal. In this story, Brenna will finally get her love story with Tyler, who so far has kept her in the friend catagory.

standing Release: November 4th

Must be something about being snowed in all the time to make a Vermont families so bonded and large! This Vermont family consists of ten children and in the latest story Cameron’s (from book 1) friend Lucy (what an awesome name) the computer wiz seduces the almost hermit-ish Colton Abbott off his syrup making mountain and gets him into the big city. I want to see how NYC Lucy and her computers and merge her life with Colton who lives up in the mountains with no electricity where he makes the maple syrup for his family’s store. Interesting!

Release Date: November 4th

I am intrigued by Cade, the muscled, tattooed, bad boy who bakes cupcakes. It’s probably hard to look tough when you have some pink frosting on your cheek and have to walk away from a fight to check on your soufflé. I want to check out this story.

Release Date: December 2nd

This is the last of the Cocktail series and we met Chloe briefly in Screwdrivered as the cousin of librarian Clark Barrow.  I love Alice Clayton and am not going to miss this story.


chained by nightRelease Date: September 30th

I’ve already read Chained by Night but I can’t wait until you read it to so we can talk about it. My review will post next week. I am intrigued by these characters and was so distressed because I couldn’t figure out a way for Hunter to keep the twin that he wanted rather than the twin we hated who he was supposed to mate to avoid a war. I am looking forward to next year’s book already.

blood Release Date: October 28th

This is the final book in the Cousin O’Dwyer trilogy so not only are we finally going to get the big show down with the evil blood wizard, Cabhan, but we finally get the love story between Branna and Finn who have almost a Romeo and Juliet story. Branna is an O’Dwyer and a descendant of Sorcha and Finn who is a descendant of Cabhan. Their feelings for each other are strong, but Branna has trust issues with Finn only because of his blood connection to Cabhan. I have been looking forward to this story since I read Dark Witch.

Release Date: October 28th

I’m a big fan of Nalini Singh. The last story Archangel’s Storm included an epic battle between Raphael and another Archangel which devastated NYC so I am interested in seeing the recovery and the new supernaturals who showed up at the end of the story and where they will be fitting into this world. This is also one of the few stories which doesn’t appear to be told through Elena’s POV so that will be interesting as well.

Release Date: November 25th

I loved Stone Guardian and The Cage King have been waiting anxiously for more in the Entwined Realm series. We really don’t know these two characters and have only just met Merc briefly, but I am certain they will both becomes favorites before the end of the story.


Midnight actionRelease Date: November 4th

I’ve only read one book in this series, but already I am panting for the back story of the two leaders of the rival groups. There was enough hint dropping on Midnight Pursuits so you know there is a hot and heavy passion between the two but some misunderstanding had Morgan backstabbing Noelle on a mission.  Someone’s put out a contract on Morgan and Noelle is gunning to be the assassin that brings him down.  There is so much tension between the two where they can’t even have a civil conversation that you know there is still smoldering passion between them. Again, I am intrigued to find our more.


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