Review Policy

April 25, 2014. I am not currently accepting self-published books for review. I wish I had the time to read all the books that I am offered and help get the word out for new authors, but I just don’t. Warning: I am a notorious book hoarder. If you offer me your book, I might just take a copy since it sounds good when I read the description, but I will never be able to get to it. Just ask the 350 free books downloaded on my Nook and Kindle app. Additionally, I am bombarded daily by numerous promotion companies asking for reviews, promotions, cover reveals, etc. I would be required to blog 24/7 to help everyone who asks.  I apologize that I cannot help right now.  Thank you for your understanding!

We made this blog for books that we’ve read in the past, have read recently and will read in the future.  We write book reviews and post them here in this blog, Goodreads, B&N, and Amazon.   This blog is about books, book reviews, author interviews, promotion and book giveaways/contests.  Blogging is fun but it really is all about reading books! Any questions regarding this blog or just about anything, give us a shout out!
What we Read?  We love reading:
  • Sci-fi/Fantasy
  • Paranormal
  • Romance
  • Historical
  • Suspense/Thriller
  • Mystery
  • Horror
 Reviews: *
  • We hate to trash someone’s hard work, since they certainly have more talent than we do, but we do give reviews from our own honest opinions.   We apologize in advance if we don’t like your story or we say something bad, but the point is to share our honest opinion.
  • We try not to give spoilers.  We believe everyone should enjoy all the excitement and shocks when reading the book for themselves. Sometimes spoilers come out if we are trying to detail a reason we didn’t like a story or a character, but we try not to do that.
  • Reviews usually comes out a few days after we have finished reading unless we are specifically requested to post it closer to the publishing date.
  • We try (really hard) to read each all the submission promptly.  But sometimes we bite off more than we can chew and/or life interferes with reading time.
  • We will try to post all reviews in a timely manner.

We accept:

  • Digital copies (EPub or PDF files are preferred). 
  • Printed ARC/Review copies. (Yes, we will suck up the ridicule of “what’s that in your hand? ha, ha, ha” for a good story)
  • A giveaway, promotions, Author Interviews or Guest post are very much welcome.
  • We reserve the right to refuse a book due to subject matter or time constraint. 
  • We have received many, many requests to review self-published books, and although we would love to help all the new authors get a fair chance to get their names out there, we have had to cut down on the number of books we accept.  Many of the books we have had to turn down sound great, so PLEASE do not be insulted if we tell you we can’t do your review.  We say no to the large publishers too when the TBR list gets too long. 

Our reviews will include:

  • Cover art
  • Publication details
  • Rating
  • Synopsis of the book (usually taken from Goodreads and usually our own synopsis added as well)
  • Personal thoughts about the book
  • Our favorite scene or a scene we hope will grab interest in the book.  (I don’t know it if is good form, but we reserve the right to edit the scene to  remove any spoilers or to condense it down.)

Our Rating System:

5 Stars: This book is amazing; I could not put it down! Move this book to the top of your must read list!

4 Stars: I loved this book!  Definitely a book you want to read.

3 Stars: This book was good, but maybe there was some things we didn’t enjoy.

2 Stars: This book was okay.  **

1 Star: This book wasn’t really for me **

(** You are probably not going to see too many 1 or 2 star reviews here.  Since time is short and our TBR list is constantly growing, if the book is not really grabbing us, we will probably stop reading a book long before we would give a fair review.)

DNF:  If a book was so bad that we couldn’t even continue, a DNF might be posted simply as a warning that although the description of the book sounds wonderful, the characters or plot was so flawed and unentertaining that you shouldn’t pay money to read it. 

Contact Us:

*  The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) issued new rules that went into effect on December 1, 2009. These rules state that product reviewers on blogs must disclose whether they received review products for free or received monetary payment for such reviews.

Payment is never accepted in exchange for a review or book mention. The receipt of ARCs or free Review Copies in no way influences or has an impact on the opinions expressed in the book reviews posted on this site.


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