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A Cursed Bloodline by Cecy Robson

ORDER A COPY: A Cursed Bloodline: A Weird Girls Novel

Publisher: Loveswept
Publishing Date: November 18, 2014
eBook: 370 pages

Rating: 4 stars

The excitement never ends for Celia Wird, and by excitement I mean attempts to kill her. In this story, even friends become enemies. With no one at her back, she will still risk everything to get back the one friend she still has in the world and to protect the man she loves but can’t have.

I originally made the mistake of classifying this series in my brain as paranormal romance. The first book was lighthearted and funny. But make no mistake, this is an Urban Fantasy series. The difference (I feel) between the Urban Fantasy and the paranormal romance is how dark the story gets and how deadly it gets to the characters. In an Urban Fantasy it is not unusual for major characters to be killed and the main characters to get mauled. Although Celia transforms into a tiger, she is not a were and does not have a were’s healing ability. If it was not for her sister’s ability to heal, Celia would have been long dead.


Cursed by Destiny by Cecy Robson

Cursed By Destiny (Weird Girls, #3)

Our giveaway winner was Elizabeth. Congratulations. Thank you to author Cecy Robson.

ORDER A COPY: Cursed By Destiny: A Weird Girls Novel

Publisher: Signet Eclipse
Publishing Date: January 7, 2013
Paperback: 368 pages

Rating: 5 stars

Celia’s a girl in trouble. Her heart is bound to Aric, but he is a pureblood were who must deny her or risk condemning his species to extinction. And that’s just her love life. She’s also been called to take down a group of demon terrorists looking to overthrow the paranormal world. (No pressure.)

In order to bring them down, Celia must ally herself to Misha, the master vampire who has made no secret of his desire for her. And if that weren’t enough misfortune for one girl, a clairvoyant’s prediction could destroy Celia and Aric’s love for good. The only way to protect the world from unbridled supernatural terrorism is for Celia to bind herself to her destined mate. And that doesn’t appear to be Aric….

Warning: Contains Spoilers if you aren’t up on the series!

Celia Wird is still nursing a broken heart after left behind by her true love. Aric is from a long line of purebloods and he has been ordered by the Elder counsel to marry another pureblood to help replenish his species. But Celia has more problems than just Aric’s upcoming wedding to Barbara the bitch.

Since she is unwelcome at the were‘s Den, Celia has been living in guesthouse on the property of Master Vampire Misha and training with his vampires. The vampires’s fighting style is different from that of the wolves and Celia’s training is giving her an edge she didn’t have before and making her quite the powerful oddball. Living with Misha isn’t without it’s drawbacks, and I don’t just mean the fact that his family dress like the catholic school girls out of Bren’s favorite porno. Misha wants Celia to forget about the whipped Alpha dog and join him in his bed.  Yet, even Misha’s constant attempts at seduction and the vamp’s pool on how long before Celia submits to the Master’s desires, isn’t Celia’s biggest problem.

Celia is not the girl with the most popular dance card at the Den’s Alliance celebration, not with the Elders wanting her out of Aric’s life, but she has caught the interest of another big cat shifter, Tye Gris de Leone, especially once the soothsayer, Destiny, declares to all at the party that it is Tye and Celia’s children who will save the world. As you can imagine, the news isn’t welcomed by the two men already fighting for Celia’s affection. But even her destined future with a poser like Tye isn’t Celia’s biggest problem.

The Tribe, which consists of evil witches and shifters who are releasing demons from Hell to impregnate unfortunate human women, has turned their full focus on Celia. Every creepy enemy whether all-powerful witch or newborn demon is whispering Celia’s name. Someone has ordered a Contract Hit straight out of Hell on Celia.

With too many men vying for her attention, except the one man she wants, and every evil demon coming for Celia personally, Celia has too much to handle and just when she had reached the end of her rope, her world is again turned upside down.


This story is packed with drama, heartache and non-stop supernatural action.   I don’t know whether to applaud or fear an author that has no problem throwing her characters under the bus.  In A Cursed Embrace, Cecy Robson doesn’t hesitate to have the demon lord toss Celia’s sister, Shayna, out as live dinner for demons.  But having your body chewed on while you scream is tame compared to where Cecy takes her characters in this book.

Although werelion Tye comes off as a pompous jerk, as he gets to know Celia, he drops the suave wereGod fascade and he becomes a wonderful and brave character.   We can definitely get behind this were.   The whole Aric, Misha and now Tye love quadrangle is getting a little soap opera-ish. And between the fun and flirty Tye and the sexy, hot Misha, I never understood why Celia went for the moody, and now untouchable Aric. I am still holding a grudge against Aric not only for walking away from Celia, but for his being jealous and possessive even though he is supposed to marry someone else. He walked away from Celia. He has to marry and start a family with someone else, but he looses his mind at the thought of her being with anyone else.  Really??  If you can’t be with her, let her move on with her life.

I guessed who was behind all of Celia’s problems and don’t understand why it is not as obvious to everyone in the story. I can also see where the soap opera story arch is setting us up for the next story.

I like the characters in this series and I like the mostly fun storyline and banter. There are some very dark aspects of this story and I am hoping we soon see the end of the Demon/Tribe storyline.

Received an ARC courtesy of the author in exchange for an honest review.

Favorite Scene:

All I wanted was to go back to the guesthouse and lock myself in. Yet, when I saw Misha waiting for me in the garden, I knew I wouldn’t be able to make my escape. Misha stood along the freshly swept stone path like a man who could crush the pyramids to dust, despite holding a Cavalier King Charles spaniel in his arms. The dog was completely enamored with Misha. It must be a girl. The bitches love Misha.

“Hello, kitten. It pleases me that you made it back safely–despite your lack of escorts.” He pointedly glared at his bodyguards. Rivers of sweat ran down Hank and Tim’s faces and fear of Misha’s rage made them quiver. The Catholic schoolgirls wore smiles, obviously delighted they weren’t the ones in trouble for once.

My hands fell to my sides. I didn’t want to deal with any of this crap. “Misha, don’t be mad at Hand and Tim. I’m the one who ditched them. And what the hell’s up with the dog? I told you I don’t want to participate in your freaky science experiments.”

Misha sped to my side before I could blink. “Come now, my darling. How bad can it be?” He swatted my shoulder with the dog’s tail. I already had my guard up in an attempt to block the dog’s essence. It didn’t help. Either i was too upset or too distracted. Whatever the reason, I crashed to the ground in a violent seizure.

Hank swore. Maria said something like, “If she dies, I call dibs on de master.” A huge commotion ensured and everything became a dizzying blur of images and noise.

As my world and teeth rattled, someone lifted me from the ground. I screamed from the torturous agony the contact inflicted. In mere moments, I found myself on a very large bed. My body shrank and my ears elongated. I panted profusely, tasting merino wool as my lolling tongue scraped against the expensive fabric.

My vision cleared slowly. When I finally focused, I didn’t like what I saw. Misha and his vampires had me surrounded. Most had big grins and some were shaking, trying to hold in their laughter. Misha leaned over the end, his fists digging into the mattress, his shoulders rigid. A sinister shadow darkened his stone cold features. “Whoever laughs first shall die by my hands,” he said in a deadly whisper.

There was such an immediate silence, I feared I’d gone deaf. I tried to sit up. Big mistake. The supersized room spun in a stomach-lurching whirl. I quickly flopped back down and shook my head to clear it. My long ears slapped against my fuzzy face. The shake had helped some, but by then I was royally pissed off.

What the hell, Misha? I told you this was a bad idea. I can’t believe you freaking did this to me. Just when I thought we were friends you had to pull a prick move like this!

That’s what I was thinking. What came out was, “Woof, woof. Yip, yip, bark growl, bark!”

Liz leaned in close to my face, her ice blond hair hitting my little wet nose. “I think she’s trying tell us something. Do you need to go for a walk, Celia?”

Agnes Concepcion adjusted her glasses and peered down her nose at me. “No, she wants a biscuit. Celia’s always hungry.”

I growled at both of them.

“She does not want a damn biscuit,” Maria spat in her thick accent. “She wants ah steak.”

“Is that it, Celia?” Edith asked. “Do you want a steak?”

No, I don’t want a steak! I just want my body back! You all suck! Once again, “Yip, bark, bark, bark, woof,” was all they heard.

Someone wanted to kill me, Aric was getting married, and I was a damn dog. I wanted to pee on the fire hydrant I called life. What I didn’t know was that thing were about to get much, much worse.

Cecy Robson
Cecy (pronounced Sessy) Robson is a full-time writer, registered nurse, wife, and mother living in the Great Northwest. A member of Romance Writers of America, she attributes her passion for storytelling to the rough New Jersey neighborhood she was raised in. As a child, she was rarely allowed to leave the safety of her house and passed her time fantasizing about flying, fairies, and things that go bump in the night. Gifted and cursed with an overactive imagination, she began writing in May 2009. Her Weird Girls Urban Fantasy Romance series is published with Penguin Random House’s Signet Eclipse and released to stellar praise from multiple reviewers including: Publisher’s Weekly, USA Today, and Romantic Times. THE WEIRD GIRLS: A Novella, SEALED WITH A CURSE, and A CURSED EMBRACE are now available. A CURSED MOON: A Novella, releases December 3, 2013, followed by CURSED BY DESTINY, January 7, 2014.






Sealed with a Curse by Cecy Robson

Sealed with a Curse (Weird Girls, #1)

ORDER A COPY: Sealed With a Curse: A Weird Girls Novel

Publisher: Signet Eclipse
Publishing Date: December 31, 2012
Paperback: 368 pages

Rating: 5 stars

Celia Wird and her three sisters are just like other 20-something girls—with one tiny exception: they’re products of a backfired curse that has given each of them unique powers that make them, well, weird…

The Wird sisters are content to avoid the local vampires, werebeasts, and witches of the Lake Tahoe region—until one of them blows up a vampire in self-defense. Everyone knows vampires aren’t aggressive, and killing one is punishable by death. But soon more bloodlust-fueled attacks occur, and the community wonders: are the vampires of Tahoe cursed with a plague?

Celia reluctantly agrees to help Misha, the handsome leader of an infected vampire family. But Aric, the head of the werewolf pack determined to destroy Misha’s family to keep the region safe, warns Celia to stay out of the fight. Caught between two hot alphas, Celia must find a way to please everyone, save everyone, and oh yeah, not lose her heart to the wrong guy—or die a miserable death. Because now that the evil behind the plague knows who Celia is, it’s coming for her and her sisters. This Wird girl has never had it so tough.

Cecy Robson’s debute novel, Sealed with a Curse, focuses on Celia Wird and her sisters, brutally nicknamed “the weird sisters” since school. The sisters were just plain old humans who were cursed at birth. But that curse became a gift…sort of. Celia can shift into a tiger. Just don’t get her too close to any other animal spirit, or she can end up shifting against her will. No new puppies for these sisters. Taran is the supersexy/badass sister who can harnesses the power of fire. Shayna can turn any metal into a blade and any wood into a weapon. (“Luke Skywalker could suck it. He had nothing on Shayna.”) Little sister, Emme, has the ability to heal her sisters. She can also use The Force…I mean, she can move things with her mind. Together these sisters are formidable, but they have been trying all their lives to stay under the supernatural radar, not wanting their odd presence known to be the weres, vampires and witches that live nearby.

That was going well for them until Taran had a date gone bad with a vampire and it took all four sisters to bring him down. They were then “requested” to show up to Vampire Court to be held accountable for their actions. When it was determined that the vampire was acting under bloodlust, they were excused with the Court’s apologize, but now it is too late. Nowadays they have supernatural stalkers hiding in their bushes trying to get a look at the weird sisters of Tahoe.

Now the very elegant, powerful and very rich Master Vampire, Sir Misha Aleksandr is fascinated by the lovely and spirited Celia and he wants her help to find out who is attacking his family. Of course, he would also do anything to get Celia into his bed.

While helping Misha hunt down infected vampires might not be every girl’s dream date, it does bring Celia face to face with the gorgeous, sex-on-a-stick Alpha werewolf, Aric Connor. Aric and his pack of werewolves believe themselves to be guardians of the earth and it is their duty to protect the humans from the bloodlusted vampires, not Celia’s. So Aric will do anything to keep Celia safe…and out of Misha’s bed.

Although Celia attempts to get these two powerful, supernatural alpha males to work together to protect the poor, unsuspecting humans who are being treated like blood-filled tic-tacs by the infected vampires, it seems Misha and Aric are more concerned about who gets to play patty cake with Celia.

With vampires and werewolves drawing battle lines in the sand, it is up to Celia and her sisters to find out who is behind the bloodlust, keep the locals safe…and to keep that wereraccooon out of their garbage. Dude, put on some pants!


This was an incredibly entertaining story. It had a great blend of humor, action and romance. It was written in a first person perspective, told by Celia, who is funny and quirky and it is delightful to be in her head. You can see why all the delicious supernatural hotties want a bite out of the charming Celia. This 20-something is not as popular with the boys as her sisters, due to her inner-tiger scaring them away, so she is uncomfortable with all the attention she is receiving, but not to the point it is awkward. She’s more baffled.

There is a prequel that I have to pick up which I am sure focuses on all the sisters.

I don’t know yet if this is a series or a trilogy, but it seems Book #2 (which comes out July 2nd) is also told by Celia. I can’t wait to see where that goes.

Although I don’t believe this is marketed at a young adult book, I will note that there are no sex scenes and only a few subtle sexual references such as “making my girly parts tingle”. It was delightful and entertaining without the full sexual assault that some books have. Maybe you could share this with your older teens (parent’s discretion).

Definitely pick this up if you like your paranormal with a twist of fun.

Received an ARC from the publisher. Thank you.

Favorite Scene:

This is one of those stories with a little of great little scenes all throughout the book, so trying to pick one favorite was really hard.

“Have you done this before?”

Aric nodded. “Fairly frequently. Our young wolves like to roughhouse. Learning to realign bones prevents them from mending incorrectly, since our healing ability is so fast.” He shrugged. “Otherwise we’d have to re-break their bones every time they got hurt.”

I didn’t know Aric. Not really. But for some odd reason, I trusted him. “Okay. Whenever you’re ready.”

And that’s when Aric took of his shirt.

The soft fabric skimmed over perfectly golden skin and rock-hard abdominals tight enough to launch a brick into orbit. A whisper of hair traveled the length of his belly button to where his jeans hung low on his hips.


Aric stopped removing his shirt when he pulled it just above his small, erect nipples. This wasn’t real. This was some kind of Hollywood hottie video shoot on TV and all I wanted to do was hit pause.

“What’s wrong, Celia?”

I whipped around to face Mrs. Mancuso’s house, mortified to be actually gawking and possibly drooling.

I focused hard on Mancuso’s lawn jockey. It was forty freaking degrees and the breeze from the lake had picked up. I should have been cold, but Aric and his eight-pack warmed my core just fine and dandy. “Wha—what are you doing?” I managed to stammer, whereas my tigress insisted I should shut the hell up, turn back around, and enjoy the show.

Aric edged his way around to face me, removing and twisting his shirt around his neck with each step before fully slipping it on backwards to the clean side. “I have to hold you against me in order to adjust your shoulder. There’s blood all over the front of my shirt. I didn’t want to get any on you.” He explained.

“Thanks,” I said a little too high-pitched for my normally husky voice. “I appreciate that.”

Aric quirked a brow, but when he inhaled my scent his eyes widened with surprise. He was silent for several seconds before gesturing to my arm. “Are you sure you want me to do this?”

There were many, many things I wanted Aric to do, and none of them pertained to my busted shoulder. Yowza. I needed to take a cold shower, and possibly invest in electronic devices.


Right. I focused on the pain and hoped I wouldn’t go down like a wimp. I nodded and closed my eyes. “Go ahead.”

Aric’s strong arms wrapped me in a bear hug, his contact hard and gentle all at once. For the second time that night, his body heat encased me. My face fell against his muscular chest. My God, the aromatic blend of his scent mixed with musk from battle drove my tigress insane. Don’t purr. Don’t purr. Oh, Jesus, please don’t let me purr.

Aric’s voice tightened. “Your heart’s racing…”